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Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.

Billie Jean King

To offer a platform with the modern infrastructure and an environment to prepare the sports enthusiast for demonstrating their skills on various sports platform. Crowne Shooting & Sports Academy (CSSA) was formed with the vision of promoting shooting and other allied sports which are not available to the people with ease of access. Gujarat has always demonstrated its valor on various arenas and to elevate this passion we introduced a fully equipped Trench consisting of the international standard for the people of state.

To create a Change in the approach of thoughts about shooting sports in the society is the prima fascia goal of CSSA. The sport has not only attained glory for the nation but has the highest number of medals won by our nation.




The Logo of CSSA was adopted from the thought of elaborating the idea of “Gurus”. The ideology of imparting the skills and knowledge about “Astra” i.e., weapons.  One should not only know the handling, etiquettes and discipline of handling Weapons but should use it for a noble cause. In modern era shooting sport is one of the great modes of elevating self-motivation and development. 

“AIMING AT THE STAR” – Excellence is Infinity. Chase a goal which never ends.


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